tired of you tellin the story your way.


I could stop, but I don’t know if I can.


You gonna play it like that? Okay. Just sayin, you betta not make me cry.

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sweet 16. Happy B-day!

Yes, it is! Or, was. But thank you, Kitty!!


They bestowed upon him the ancient crown of the kings of winter. Robb’s crown. It fit him all the same. They bent the knee and said the words-

"The king in the North!"

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Apologies for my online absence.


However, when I thought I could tackle summer head on, I was very, very wrong. Somehow, Blaine managed to drag me to the beach, and even with my typical three coats of sun screen, I managed to get a burn that’s rendered me useless in every sense of the word. My skin’s already sensitive enough — add a peeling burn to my lower back and across my shoulders and I’m out of commission until it’s faded into something close to a tan (I’m not sure if I can actually tan, to be frank).

Hopefully, the vigorous amount of aloe I’ve been applying will help me get back in the game sooner rather than later, but at this point, who knows when I’ll be able to sit down without wincing. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, friends. These next few days could be my last.


Cortisone cream, aspirin (or aspirin paste), cool baths, ice compression packs, and lots of water should also be added to your regimen, Kurt. Also, French film marathon—prescribed by yours truly, friendly neighborhood Dr. Abrams. You can keep me updated on your healing progression via text, e-mail, or fax.

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A bigger set of wheels do sound pretty awesome. Oh, come on! Who wouldn’t come to your parties? It’s a total no-brainer! Ooh, I can’t say no to cake.


Wait— What kind is it?

Oh, you. Stop being so sweet.

Chocolate. Obviously.

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Ring the bell.



I waited for this day so much

Wait no longer!! I can almost taste the tears over another ComicCon I won’t be attending and feel the stomach cramps from the Lima carnival rides and excessive cotton candy cocktails that entail summer!

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You know it. I made it here as soon as the bell rang on Friday, but I’ve been severely delayed in making human contact due to the fact that it’s so hot outside. I can barely move a limb without feeling completely exhausted.


Not a problem. Guess who has got his own state-registered probationary Ohio driver’s license and can now operate an automotive vehicle unsupervised with one non-familial passenger between the hours of 6 a.m. and 12 a.m.? (…Me.) I’ll come to you!!! Beep beep, y’all!


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What is it like reaching the sweet sixteen?! Are you going to have a big party and arrive on an elephant?


It’s amazing. I’m definitely feeling some new layers of superiority with age. As well as a bigger set of wheels! No, no. Though that would be awesome. I never throw parties for myself. I’m always too scared nobody would show up to it if I did. My mom did make me a cake though! There’s still a few slices left if you’re interested. The remaining letters say “rart”.

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Happy Birthday Artie!

Thanks, Rachel!!! Love ya.

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